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November 2011


I was supposed to post this yesterday, but wouldn't cooperate with me. Forgot my camera at home, but this is pretty much what I wore yesterday (except for shoes, a jacket and a bag). And yes, I was tired when I took the pictures.

As I did only have two knitted sweaters, and the winter's so long, I just bought this at H&M. Love it!

knit, shorts, thights & bracelets_H&M // earrings_Accessorize // scarf_homemade // nailpolish_Isadora



Found these amazing pictures of Rihanna on herfanpage on facebook, in the album Ball So Hard VACA.
Thought I'd share my favorites with you. Be prepared to be stunned.

edited by me

Not only does she sing like a goddess, but she looks like one too.


I've got three obsessions; hats, rings and nailpolish. A colorful nailpolish can do SO much with a regular boring colorless outfit. I have to always wear nailpolish - even though it's transparent - even on my feet. Anyway... Here's most of my nailpolishes gathered in one box.Not all of my nailpolishes is in this box, but there's still many! I don't care if my nailpolish is from H&M or Helena Rubestein, because they all work the same way and NO nailpolish last for more than a day on my nails (don't ask why).

I mostly wear matte nailpolish, and here are the ones I'm using:

And the shiny ones I'm using:

I was going to show you my favorite, but since I couldn't decide on one; here's me threefavorites:


The orange(ish) one's from a store in Denmark called Tiger and costed me about 10 NOK. I bought it when I was at Roskilde Festival this summer (ah, the memories). And the light green from Isadora and dark blue are both bought at H&M.
BTW:Sorry for the bad light In the pictures. I can always take new ones if you're interested!


Found some old Levi's jeans that my dad probably bought for like 25 years ago or so (we love recycling, don't we?), and since the jeans were ripped and my dad doesn't use them anymore, he gave me the green light to do whatever I wanted with them.

I love Levi's jeans shorts and since I only have one (!!!) pair of my own, I found a scissor and cut them off.

So, what do you think?They're maybe a size or two too big, but I'm pleased :-)I just need to do some minor adjustments.