Hi, I'm Malene, the author of this blog. My interests are fashion and photography. This blog is my way of expressing myself through sharing pictures and videos. Enjoy!

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Almost finished with my room. Going to buy a bigger TV, amongst other things.

photos_instagram (Malenehj)


Can't describe how much I'm looking forward to get my Mac back.

photos_instagram (Malenehj)

Some random pictures of my room (and chick-flick-movie-collection, lol) I took Sunday morning.

MY ROOM // 1

My room is still a mess after we moved in, but here's a taste of what one corner of my room looks like. Just bought a new beadspread, and I love my new purple cushion and decorative cupcakes! Missing more cushions though, but it's a start.


The colors are prettier in real life, and the cushion and the light purple cupcake has the same color.